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Shoney Scientific India is an Original Equipment Manufacturer and Exporter of all kinds of surgical instruments. We have been in this business for over 18 years now and have sold millions of our products in U.S.A., France, Spain, England, South Africa and various other countries under our principals� brand names.

Call it liposuction cannula, lipectomy cannula, lipoplasty cannula or liposculpture cannula, we have them all. In fact, we have a large range of liposuction cannulae in our product profile which includes both the reusable and the disposable variety . If you don�t find the kind of cannula you need here, we have the expertise to manufacture almost any kind of liposuction cannulae and specialty blades. Come and talk to us. You will be surprised by the kind of service you receive!

All our cannulae are buffed to a high degree and then electropolished to give them a super finish. Electro polishing offers the unique advantage of the cannulae being polished on the inside as well as on the outside. This leads to the most efficient suction possible.

The tips of our liposuction cannulae are specially shaped and polished to ensure minimum drag during liposuction procedure.

The slots are deburred, ground, countersunk and highly polished to ensure that they are completely smooth resulting in the absolute minimum damage to delicate capillaries and fine blood vessels compared to ordinary cannulae

All our disposable cannulae come fitted to a special plastic handle that is textured, light in weight, soft to touch yet rigid. This gives surgeons the sure grip required for performing delicate operations.

We have 2 variants of these handles


Our reusable cannulae come with aluminium / stainless steel handles

Our liposuction cannulae also come with reusable and disposable luer locks



All our cannula tips come in outer diameters of 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm.

The standard lengths are 15 cms, 25 cms and 30 cms. Of course, any lengths can be made on request.

Given below are a few of our most popular cannulae


These are just a few of our products. With our flexible manufacturing policy and our wish to respond to our customers' needs, we would strive to deliver any other products or components in any size or style required by them for any specific purpose.

Here are a few special tips we have made for some of our customers




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